Engineering Q&A Text online

Alexia sent us a text document with answers to all 19 of the questions from the February YayBoo list. I have added it to the [ClubStead engineering hub](, to which I also added a table of contents, as it is getting quite long.

As a reminder, we also posted [the webcast video]( It is quite boring and the sound is not good, so I really can’t recommend trying to watch it.

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Engineering Q&A Webcast

With the release of all the engineering documents on our [ClubStead page](, lots of questions have come up. For example, some people have pointed out that the topside weight and platform load are incompatible, and that there are negative airgaps in some of the big wave scenarios.

We believe strongly in the virtues of transparency, which is why we released the engineering information as soon as we could – right after the patent was filed – even though it isn’t complete.

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