The Seasteading Institute July 2010 Newsletter

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In the World: The BP Oil Spill – A Political Engineering Problem Solved by Seasteading

Call to Action: Know of a foundation that could benefit TSI? Help us reach our goal of $250k by 12/31

The Seasteading Institute April 2010 Newsletter

This month, April 15th marks the second anniversary of the creation of The Seasteading Institute. Over the past two years, our non-profit has grown from dreams of its founders into not just a tight-knit group internally, but a real movement with supporting donors and a dedicated membership who make their homes across the globe.

Seasteading 2009 Conference: Wrap-Up Newsletter

We at The Seasteading Institute would like to thank all of you for attending our second annual conference!  We had a wonderful time, and know that many of you did as well.  We’ve been very happy to hear how pleased you were with the event.

More time for Seasteading

As many of you know, in addition to my responsibilities at TSI, I have a day job at Google.  Having two jobs has been stressful, especially with the lack of alignment in having my passions one place and my time another.  Therefore I have given notice at Google, and will be leaving at the end of July.