The Seasteading Institute May 2010 Newsletter

Highlights of this months: Jim Von Ehr Donates $100,000 to TSI Ephemerisle 2010: Making Headway Seasteading Conference on a Cruise! — Save the Date Donor Profile: Nicolas Germineau Max Marty Returns to Lead Commercial Seasteading Summer Intern Tony Dreher Coming Aboard

Speaking opportunities in October

It looks like I will be giving a talk at Hillsdale College (Michigan) the evening of Tuesday, October 27th, and a talk at University of Rhode Island the morning of Thursday October 29th. That means Wed 10/28 I could give a talk anywhere in the northeastern US. And Friday 10/30 I might be able to give a talk someplace close to RI, like Boston, NH, or NYC. If your school or organization would like to sponsor such a talk and those places and dates work for you, email .

Trip thoughts, ideas, comments

Wed: Yale – good. Had dinner w/ ~12 students beforehand, ~25 came to talk (during midterms week, not bad). Seemed to like it. Several enthusiasts who want to come to Ephemerisle. New parts of talk (what does TSI do, ranting about libertarianism) went over pretty well. Should have an MP3 up sometime.

Thu: NYC. Met w/ book agent, I got the feeling she gets pitched at a lot. She had some good advice – the wider the potential audience, the more publishers will be interested, and pioneering will sell better than politics.