Baltic Seasteading

Do you live in one of the 9 countries adjacent to the Baltic Sea? Check out the new Baltic Seasteading group. Their website states:

Probably the greatest challenge of living at sea is dealing with waves, and the Baltic Sea has some of the lowest waves in the world while still big enough to contain international waters. This makes it a great place for seasteaders to start out and experiment with new structures and a new way of living.

Baltic Seasteading is a group for people interested in working actively with seasteading in its current state.

Help Us Plan Our Strategy!

Here at TSI, we’ve been thinking a lot about how to improve our strategy. We recently published a strategy document and a vision timeline, but these are only the beginning, covering things at a very high level.

We also want results sooner. Our current timeline & strategy describe modest achievements — a prototype seastead built, a successful ocean-based business operating — by the end of 2010. We’ve been thinking in recent weeks that we can, and want to, do better.


Joining the manifesto / strategy proposal tradition started by Vince, Dan B has written up his proposal for BaseSteading. While TSI of course has our own strategy (which will be released for comment quite soon), seasteading is a diverse movement and we are delighted to see other people working on their own approaches.