Jeff Chan gave an interesting presentation at the recent conference about Seadrome, an ocean platform design created back in the 30’s as an airplane refueling stop. It was never built due to increased aircraft range, but the design still serves as a good example of how to build a spar platform for the open ocean.

Check out the [wiki page on Seadrome](, and the [PDF of his conference talk]( He focused on the common elements between Seadrome, ClubStead, and other designs, as an indication of how best to approach the spar platform portion of the design space. As with other talks, we’ll be putting this talk online later this year once the slides have been edited into the video.

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Topsider Homes

Check out Topsider Homes, builder of Hurricane-Proof homes in the southeastern US:

They are trying to solve a similar problem, and came up with a similar solution to us, which is good to see.

I got the link via Vince Cate’s great wavebreak page.  Vince has been testing floating breakwater designs in Anguilla, and I’m pretty sure he’s done the most hands-on work so far, so good for him!  One of the tricky things about breakwaters is that it isn’t always clear how their behavior scales, as discussed on the forums.  We’re going to start talking to / hiring professional consultants in the coming weeks to flesh out our designs, so perhaps we can learn more about model testing from them.

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