Need help generating speaking engagements and seasteading socials

I will be making a number of trips in 2009 for TSI-related business and speaking engagements, and I need your help to maximize the number of people I can meet and reach on each of these trips. There are two major ways you can help:

  1. Get a talk or speaking engagement for me. Groups that might be interested include futurists, transhumanists, libertarians, and engineering & architecture departments at local colleges or universities.

Bay Area seasteading socials

We’re going to start having seasteading socials around the bay area, about once a month, to talk / network / brainstorm / etc w/ like-minded people. I’ve created a meetup group, the first one will be in SF on Wed 8/27. These will be much smaller & less organized than the conference in October.  Go to the meetup for more info.