Help Us Name the Seasteading Book (and win $100, a signed copy, and an acknowledgement!)

Following the lead of [Bryan Caplan’s crowdsourced book title](, we’d [like to get ideas for the title of the Seasteading book]( We’re reasonably settled on “Seasteading” as the main title, but we need a subtitle which is exciting gets our central message across.

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Help Us Plan Our Strategy!

Here at TSI, we’ve been thinking a lot about how to improve our strategy. We recently published a [strategy document]( and a [vision timeline](, but these are only the beginning, covering things at a very high level.

We also want results sooner. Our current timeline & strategy describe modest achievements — a prototype seastead built, a successful ocean-based business operating — by the end of 2010. We’ve been thinking in recent weeks that we can, and want to, do better.

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Poll on 2009 Conference and Ephemerisle

This year we are starting conference work much earlier, so it will be bigger and better and less rushed. Also because Ephemerisle is a major, major undertaking which requires tons of coordination and planning.

We are working on the dates for these events, and we need your input. Please [fill out this poll]( (And there will probably be more polls to come as we continue to fill in the details. After all, the conference is for **you**, so we care what you want!)

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Poll on TSI online presence

Liz has posted [a poll about our online presence and ways of communicating]( on the seastead LJ community, please fill it out! (You don’t need an LJ account to do so).

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Name for an agglomeration of seasteads

We need a good name for a collection of seasteads attached together to form a village or city.  "A pod of seasteads" (like a group of whales) has been suggested, but I’d like to hear your ideas.  "An independence of seasteads"?  We could take the name from my proposed festival: "An ephemerisle of seasteads".

Or if one is pessimistic, perhaps "A target of seasteads" :).

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