Baltic Seasteading

Do you live in one of the 9 countries adjacent to the Baltic Sea? Check out the new [Baltic Seasteading]( group. Their website states:

> Probably the greatest challenge of living at sea is dealing with waves, and the Baltic Sea has some of the lowest waves in the world while still big enough to contain international waters. This makes it a great place for seasteaders to start out and experiment with new structures and a new way of living.

> Baltic Seasteading is a group for people interested in working actively with seasteading in its current state.

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Some Take the Low Road, Some Take the High Road

DanB’s [Realist and Idealist Views of Basesteading]( addition to the wiki reminded me of the classic low-road vs. high-road distinction which always seems to come up when talking about seasteading strategy. I think this distinction and terminology is useful, so here’s a crack at a book section on it.

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Basesteading Update: Wiki, location DRP

The [basesteading]([outpost]( project that [I blogged about earlier]( now has a [wiki page](

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Basesteading Belize

Awhile back I posted about [DanB](’s [Basesteading proposal]( and my related ideas on [Seasteading Outposts]( [Pastor_Jason]( and others have taken the idea and run with it, and are seriously considering putting a group together to form an outpost, most likely in Belize.

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Seastead Outposts

We’ve long been talking about seasteading chapters around the world, and I am coming to see them as more and more important. [Dan B’s BaseSteading proposal](, and my recent visit to Europe, inspired me to start a wiki page on [Seasteading Outposts]( I discuss the reasons for concentrating our numbers in a few places, some ideas for what chapters can do, and my thoughts on good locations for chapters.

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