Conference Flyer

Volunteers Helen Lein (designer) and Chris Rasch (conference organizer) made us this great flyer (PDF). We’ll be postering parts of Stanford and UC Berkeley with it, and of course y’all should feel free to post it anywhere in real or virtual space. The image links to a larger PDF.

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Avoid niche markets

 Like libertarians, or economists.

The Reason & Marginal Revolution posts about generated significant direct traffic.  But the avalanche of net recognition (slashdot, gizmodo, etc.) didn’t start until the article.  The Wired article brought us about 3-4x the direct traffic as Reason, and 30x the indirect traffic.

My conclusion is that it’s important for marketing efforts to avoid echo chambers.  Seasteading is interesting and inspiring to many more groups than libertarians, and we should pitch it accordingly.

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Made To Stick

This morning I took a leadership class that used the principles from Made To Stick, a fascinating book about what I’d call "memetic engineeering". The authors try to figure out what makes some ideas spread so fast, even when they are false (like urban legends), so that those principles can be applied to spread important true ideas.

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