Residential Cruise Line’s Magellan opens sales

Not everyone is cutting back as the economy tumbles. Or, at least, that’s the hope at Residential Cruise Line — the latest entrant into the rarefied world of super-luxe floating condominiums.

The Phoenix-based company finally opened sales this week for what’s billed as the most luxurious residential cruise ship ever — a 76,000-ton vessel that will have 210 units priced from $2.8 million to $18 million.

The line also will hold an inaugural, invitation-only sales event on Dec. 15 at Dubai’s Burj Al Arab hotel.

I will be watching them with interest.  I hope they do well, although given the poor luck Residensea had in selling luxury units into a recession, I am a bit pessimistic.  The ship will cost $1.2B, and is scheduled to sail in 2011. For the latest news, see the Magellan Website

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