Podcast: O.Shane Balloun Explains Lozman v. City of Riviera Beach

The recent Supreme Court case of Lozman v. The City of Riviera Beach sparked a flurry of news coverage on the technical legal definition of a vessel. Justices sided 7-2 with Fane Lozman, the former owner of a floating home which was seized and sold by city government under the rules and remedies of US admiralty […]

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New Legal Paper Released: Building the Platform: Challenges, Solutions, and Decisions in Seasteading Law

Building on the concepts set out in Dario Mutabdzija and Max Borders’ first legal strategy paper, the authors offer this second paper, "Building the Platform: Challenges, Solutions, and Decisions in Seasteading Law" as a more practical guide to seasteading legal issues.

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Just released, The Seasteading Institute’s first legal research paper.

I am very excited to share The Seasteading Institute’s first legal research paper, Charting the Course: Toward a Seasteading Legal Strategy (one of a two paper series). The primary objective of these legal papers is to assist with the formation of a legal strategy that will be useful to seasteaders around the world. What does this mean from a practical standpoint?

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TSI Welcomes its new Director of Legal Strategy, Dario Mutabdzija

The Seasteading Institute is excited to welcome Dario Mutabdzija as our new Director of Legal Strategy! Dario will lead our efforts to navigate the highly unique and challenging legal issues pertaining to seasteading, including maritime law, legal restrictions on seastead citizens, long-term sovereignty issues, and more. Expect to see a seasteading legal overview whitepaper from Dario in early 2011, similar to our 2010 engineering overview.

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Francesca Galea Improves Understanding of the Legal Standing of Artificial Islands

Late in 2009, Francesca Galea wrote us to declare the completion of her doctoral thesis entitled Artificial Islands in the Law of the Sea. With her blessing, we posted the PDF of her significant and clarifying inquiries on our Research page, but it is more appropriate that we give her research the highlight it deserves. From the paper:

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IBRU State of Sovereignty: Day 1, Sessions

[Regimes for Managing Maritime Space, 1 April, Track 2 Session 1](

Maritime Policing: A Sea of Change? From the Exercise of Sovereignty over Maritime Space towards the Enforcement of the Global Oceans Legal Framework, Ms Patricia Jimenez Kwast, University of Oxford, UK

Enforcement/Policing of the Law of the Sea, not by ship owners, ports, etc. Broad topic, global philosophical aspects.

Policing Powers at Sea – Background & Legal Framework

Has a picture of a pirate flag!

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IBRU State of Sovereignty: Day 1, Plenary Session

I am currently at the University of Durham, where the [International Borders Research Unit]( (IBRU) is hosting their 20th anniversary conference on The [State of Sovereignty]( I will be blogging the material I find interesting, here is what I have for you from [the plenary program](

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Royal Caribbean Bond Prospectus

In case you wonder – is this flag of convenience thing real? Will investors really invest in a company in some obscure foreign jurisdiction? This is from the risks section of a 2001 bond offering by Royal Caribbean (which I think was about $1B or so):


> **We are a Liberian corporation** and our selling shareholders are foreign corporations or partnerships.

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