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Join weekly discussions on the book, Seasteading: How Floating Nations Will Restore the Environment, Enrich the Poor, Cure the Sick, and Liberate Humanity from Politicians! Starting September 3.

Reminder: Active review work happening on seasteading book!

Just a quick reminder that if you’d like to read drafts of the seasteading book outline, book proposal (including sample chapters), and eventually the book itself, subscribe to the TSI Book Feedback Mailing List. Participants have already reviewed the first half: “Why Seastead?”, and are about to review the second half: “How to Seastead”. Your feedback can help make this book a success!

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Patri Says: Help Us Create A Compelling Book Proposal!

I’ve been working for over a year on a new version of the Seasteading book, incorporating all we’ve learned since starting TSI. Book progress has been very slow given my many duties at TSI, like raising the funds to keep the organization alive. However it has become increasingly clear from discussions how vital and urgent it is to have a detailed, up-to-date motivation and strategy compiled into one polished piece. We may do a good job of communicating our core vision – startup countries in international waters – but the full detail behind that vision basically lives in just one place right now – my head. This results in frequent misinterpretations of our strategy and me answering the same questions again and again, which is not effective.

Ideas wanted: Seasteading Book PR

Would love help coming up with media contacts for the upcoming seasteading book – people who could review it & get the word out especially. Ideally we can find a wide variety of people in a variety of forums, each of whom has written something that indicates they are philosophically aligned with seasteading. Would be awesome if those of y’all who read a lot of blogs/press or network a lot with media types would bookmark this page and make use of it over the coming months :). This is an experiment in crowdsourcing more of our research – we’ll see how it goes!