SUCCESS! One Year of the Incubator Scholarship

It’s been a year since we launched our Incubator Scholarship Fund to help build the seasteading builders community in Panama working on open source projects.

In the past year we have raised $91K, from 20 donors, and spent $20K.

Craig Lewis was the first person to travel to Panama as a scholarship recipient. He originally planned to help with building the fiberglass section for the SeaPod. Since then, he has worked up to a full-time position with Ocean Builders, taking on the roles of Factory Floor Boss, Researcher, Material Acquisitions, and Manufacturing Planner. The startup atmosphere of Ocean Builders gives Craig the space to pursue his own projects. He said, “I was able to share my expertise in many areas… This has been a wonderful opportunity for me, to learn more about building the future Seasteading community.”

The second beneficiary of the Incubator Scholarship is Jean Carlo Blanco, the co-founder of Reef 2 Reef Foundation in Panama. Jean Carlo and his team are working to build a restoration community in Panama after spending years educating tourists about reef health in the Caribbean. By making space for Jean Carlo to do research on coral health where SeaPods will be located, Ocean Builders creates relationships with the tourist industry and environmental protection officials in Panama.

Thank you to everyone who has donated!


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