Structural Libertarianism

Some nice dialogue has developed around Jacob Lyles’ structuralism posts, which I mentioned in the recent Structure and Policy post. I’ve responded to some of it over at Distributed Republic, w/ some fun sentences promoting seasteading:

Steppin’ in to defend the SLs

If, as CJ says, “however much we might want to live in Libertopia, it’s arrival isn’t coming any time soon.”, PL might be the best we could hope for. But we have another option! I work on it every day. It’s a long-shot, but more like 1 in 10 than the 1 in a billion chance of a Ron Paul Revolution. It has serious challenges – but they are challenges of money and engineering, challenges which humans are good at. PL fights human nature, systemic incentives, and the corruption of politicians. That’s a sucker’s battle!

So repent of your PL ways, and come join our seasteading community. We’re working to bring about a world with countries that have 0% tax rates, instead of fighting tooth and nail over whether taxes are 39% or 40%. It’s more realistic, more exciting, and more fun!

Get with the SLs, or miss the revolution!:

In traditional libertarian activism, focused on some vague hope of a future change in the political winds causing change within a democracy, convincing people matters. But that’s one of the reasons seasteading is great: we don’t need to win an election. We don’t need a sweeping movement. All we need to do is create one small free town. Then we can switch from arguing, preaching, and proselytizing to demonstrating the virtues of a free society by example. And that is an enormously superior method of evangelism.

You can be a PL, and dream about freedom as a slave in the shadow of the beast, or you can be an SL, and work towards escaping from and eventually slaying the beast. I’ve picked my side, and we’re going win. Winning is fun, and winners get all the babes, so you should join us.


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