Nima Kaz

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    Nima Kaz

    Nima is cofounder of Impactonomy Innovation Labs, abbreviated “iiLabs+”, the curator behind innovation ecosystems, startups & social enterprises like #CheerForPeace, incubated at the IBQP (Brazilian Institute for Quality & Productivity) Center for Innovation, where he also serves as Entrepreneur in Residence. He’s an avid volunteer & evangelist for new frontiers of innovation by serving as founding civic innovator at & lead ambassador at The Seasteading Institute.

    As a serial entrepreneur, he’s helped launch multiple companies in several markets including cleantech, energy, travel, CSR, ecommerce & ICT. Nima also helps develop innovation ecosystems as member of the board of directors at the world’s 1st co-operative for inventors, an NGO that develops community energy enterprises, as well as the education firm that created the Great Canadian Inventions Show. Nima has held management roles in the social enterprise, IT, automotive, financial, communications, consulting & real estate sectors.

    He is helping unite the Brazilian & Canadian startups ecosystems so that, through collaboration & cross-migration (both physical & digital knowledge transfer), exponential value-add can be created for both innovation environments & perhaps even for the world at large!

    He is currently helping the Founder Institute, the world’s largest “idea stage” startup accelerator, strategically establish operations in Brazil by launching a regional chapter in Curitiba, Brazil’s “digital & smart city”.

    Nima dreams of a future that’s not too far away and that is dramatically better for everyone than that which is being predicted by the masses. This future is powered by the next frontiers of innovation: collaboration, globalization (hyper-migration) & singularity – which make a pragmatic case for the notions of hyper-innovation (with infinite number of monopolies), seasteading & aquapreneurship very rational & reasonable transitions towards the multiplanetary civilization of our race and beyond!