Seasteads provide flexibility for climate change

There is a lot of debate and worry about climate change.  Most are worried about warming and sea level rises, which would cover coastal land and reduce usable landmass.  Others are worried about global cooling.  A significant swing in either direction would substantially change the latitudes at which human life is most comfortable.


4 thoughts on “Seasteads provide flexibility for climate change”

  1. Glad to see your work getting good PR around the world, it will also serve as a kind of wake up call, an alarm clock, for those who are still sleepwaking toward the future, and you are right, it could go either way, toward global warming, big troubles ahead, or global cooling, also big troubles ahead, and your seasteading idea is a good way to fire the imaginations of people worldwide. When your first tower is built and ready to admit residents in SF Bay in 2010, the resulting PR and TV stories on CNN and BBC will help float the idea even further into people’s minds, so good on ya mate.

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