Seasteading Reaches Large Radio Audience on The Osgood File

Last week we shared a video from the Reuters news agency covering the Institute’s vision and strategy for enabling seasteading communities, and we were eager to see what other media outlets would pick up the story in the coming days. We were thus happy to hear portions of the Reuters interviews with both our president and director of engineering replayed on The Osgood File, a nationally syndicated radio show hosted by television and radio veteran Charles Osgood, who broadcasts short vignettes on a wide range of topics throughout numerous radio station’s morning programming.

“And now for something completely different,” opens Osgood, before introducing seasteading as a potential solution to dissatisfaction with existing governments. He continues, “The California-based Seasteading Institute is not talking about floating countries some day in the sweet by-and-by,” and goes on to quote Michael Keenan on our timeline for enabling the first large-scale platform-based communities within a decade.

Our director of engineering, George Petrie, is then quoted on the feasibility of building safe, comfortable platforms using existing technology, which prompts a change in the tone of Osgood’s lyrical interjections from bemusement to apparent optimism about our cause: “Seasteading’s ideas are already taking off. Google “Seasteading” – and you’ll see.”

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