Seasteading R&D Company Looking For Investors

Hadean is a seasteading R&D company based in Singapore. Our goal is to create technology that will enable floating, indefinitely self-sustaining sovereign entities on the sea by 2024.

Our belief is that business and not political ideology, will be the driving force that makes affordable seasteading a reality. To that end, our focus until 2015 will be developing and implementing new methods and infrastructure for aquaculture that will enable them to function efficiently without input from the land.

Today, most fish farms are being crippled by rising labour, fuel and feed costs. We believe that we’ve found the solutions to all 3 of those problems with our self-raising cages, wave-power systems and selectively bred insect larvae.

By reducing the required labour to 1/7th the industry standard and turning bakery waste into animal protein rich feed and valuable organic fertilizer we’re already expecting profit margins of up to 300%.

All we require now is the capital to start developing electric boats and building modular floating platforms.

Shannon Lim, Managing Director, Hadean International.

They are looking for SGD $10,000 in this round. Contact Shannon Lim, . I visited one of their partner farms in Singapore last December. The two pictures are of their farm, and of their Cobia (one of many species they currently have in production).


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  1. If that was a serious announcement, it would have better waited one day.

    If it was an April Fools’ Joke, it was not particularly funny.

    PS: why does the registration insist on my answering TWO captchas (and not even reCAPTCHAs), and on my telling it the country where I live?

  2. I suppose it’s my fault for sending Patri the writeup and photos the day before April fools :p 

     King Shannon of the Constitutional Monarchy of Logos.

  3. have you considered it does exactly the kind of crowd-funding that this project would benefit from. I couldn’t afford your platforms for example, but I’d love to donate a few hundred dollars to make this vision a reality. Perhaps you could offer time shares in exchange for smaller donations? just a thought. Hope it works out!

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