Seasteading Institute Schwag: Shirts / Sweatshirts / Tank-Tops

We have our first 2 schwag designs up at an online store!

The design on the left is based on the “Top 10 Reasons To Live On A Seastead” list, with a logo in the pocket position on the front, and the list on the back.  The design on the right is just the logo, centered on the front.  I included all the products that the provider (Printfection) has.  If y’all want a wider range of products, I can try opening a CafePress store as well.  We have also ordered 100 long-sleeved shirts of the “Top 10” design to sell at the conference.  There is less variety that way, but the costs are a fair bit lower as well.

Thanks to Justin Owings for the design, Chris Rasch for coordinating the printing, and everyone who suggested and voted on the list (1700 votes)!  After the conference, we will start a new list w/ the top items and see if we can make the list even better.

BTW, I’ve added a “Schwagster” volunteer role to the Volunteer Wiki page, if anyone wants to take over handling this sort of thing.


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