Qualifying Entry
Architectural Design Contest

Submitted by Valentin Ribi (student)

The design arrangement of the plattform and the building leads to logical and fast connections between the single parts of the city.The basis of the form are developed by a orthogonal grid structure, which enables an easy development by bicycle or even bigger vehicles. On the upper level you can found a diagonal structure, which is reserved for pedestrians and allows fast crosslinks. Furthermore, this level serves as a recreation area and builds a upper finish of the buildings at the same time.The two opposite wings of the building are forming together with the two staircases – which on one hand make the buildings accessible and on the other hand opens the access to the rooftop – a inner courtyard. External the wings close with a copper front, which is percolate by room-highly windows. Internal, to the inner courtyard are planned concrete and glass as materials. The whole building rests on a pedestal and takes himself clearly off the float. The lower development occur stepless on ground-floorlevel on footbridges. Beneath its rubble as sputter water can flow off.

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