Poseidon Resorts Flash Ad

Poseidon Undersea Resorts’ website now has a nice flash ad intro and a lot of content. This US Submarines-led project is supposedly under construction in Fiji, although of course one never knows with this sort of project – such things are announced and take reservations far more often than they actually open. With a planned price of $30K/couple/week it is evidence for our belief that underwater is too expensive to be a good route to seasteading. But it would make for a very romantic week…

We last gave an update on Poseidon in March.


2 thoughts on “Poseidon Resorts Flash Ad”

  1. What marketing states it will charge people, and therefore what it feels they are willing to pay for it, may or may not be based at all on the actual cost of that item or service, but, yes, I do see your point. Perhaps my dreams of living just under the surface, watching over my mariculture nets may be just that. 🙁


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  2. I’m pretty sure most of that $30k goes to pay for the multiple restaurants and bars, the staff, plus the full above-ground establishment like the golf course and beach villas.  That price is WAY more than what you’d pay for a seastead of the same type.  What you need to find out is how much is actually costs to build one their underwater modules…from what I read they had a pain-in-the-ass time fabricating the wrap-around plexiglass.  That might be your biggest cost factor.

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