Patri Friedman’s TEDxSF talk: Our Ocean and the Evolution of Societies


3 thoughts on “Patri Friedman’s TEDxSF talk: Our Ocean and the Evolution of Societies”

  1. Seasteading strikes me as a fundamentally H+ concept however I never see the two uttered in the same sentence, in fact I seem to be witnessing some discord between the movements which I feel is bad for both, worse for Seasteading as they are loosing out on the positive growth and media attention that H+ is getting.

  2. Patri Friedman and SeaSteaders:

    Yes, the Seasteading Institute is a great tool for the development of new governments or “experiments” on the currently free high seas. However human historical evolution shows that this tool or experiment can be used for better or worse, for more efficient or more inefficient governments. Also that the current governments can/will interfere to prevent change and preserve current models. That experimentation has a COST that can be minimized. Therefore the Institute should take a proactive stand on defending freedom from what it already concedes as being authoritarian/conservative governments that won’t allow change.

    Authoritarian or representative democracy with taxes and laws are obsolete forms of government. Direct Democracy with zero taxation/legislation and all self-sustained free market organizations (zero public goods) is technologically possible now. Therefore government as we know it is obsolete and unnecessary. If there is a system that institutionalizes freedom instead of managing and oppressing it, that system should be embraced. If not the experimenting becomes a tool to feed oppression as much as freedom. Bottom line, playing a omnipresent Father God or Mother Nature is impossible. If chips are tossed up they may fall were you don’t want them too. Don’t take for granted the current window of opportunity of free high seas, because they can and will very easily be swallowed into territorial waters of current nations. There must be a counter strategy for that.

    The Seasteading Institute should take a political stand pro direct democracy and freedom with the Global Ocean Federation. Any citizen, platform, ship, island, reef, port, special economic zone, insular or continental nation that follows the minimum principles of freedom and technological efficient administration can join us: Direct Democracy with direct executive zero taxation and direct judiciary zero legislation. There is no need for previous legislation: direct proof of damage, premeditation and danger is all that is needed to obtain compensation, fine and home freedom restriction (Jusistem – Global Direct Judicial System – ). We have developed direct global solutions for global human infra-structure: justice, health, education, transport, housing, energy, sanitation, finance and entertainment.

    There is a substantial short-term possibility for micro continental/insular nations, and larger nations special economic zones to join our projected federation of Ocities (tax/law free offshore cities of clustered platforms and ships). Also Direct Democracy National parties pro-Globocean can fight democratically conservative forces on their national turf. Eventually the Global Ocean Federation membership can evolve to merge with a Direct Democracy United Nations Federation. Join us.

    Globocean – Global Ocean Federation.

    Alex Napoli (founder-coodinator)

  3. John Robert Bellomo, Jr.

    Very interesting concept. I especially like the “experimental governments” concept. Imagine, once and for all, being able to see which forms of government truly work, and for whom they work, without interference from other “established” governments. This could well be the ultimate societal experiment!

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