Patri and Brad’s article “Seasteading: Striking at the Root of Bad Government” was published in The Freeman

The Seasteading Institute’s Executive Director Patri Friedman, and Research Associate Brad Taylor had an article published in The Freeman, “Seasteading: Striking at the Root of Bad Government.”

The article covers public choice theory and why it will be advantageous for the advancement of governance to have livable space available on the sea. “Developing the technology to create permanent, autonomous communities on the ocean seems like a strange way to solve the problem of bad governance, but we’re convinced it’s the best chance we have for liberty in our lifetimes…The ocean is a vast frontier unclaimed by States. While they claim some jurisdiction over resources in large areas of ocean, there is much space for political experimentation within these zones and plenty of space outside any State’s practical reach. Starting your own country on the ocean will be difficult and expensive, but at least it’s possible…We know it is possible to live on the ocean; we know there are ways to make money there, and our mission is to drive down the costs of seasteading to transform the ocean from potential frontier into real frontier and eventually into just another option with some serious advantages. This will lead to experimentation and innovation in governance and force existing States to improve or wither away for a lack of residents…By transforming the political problem of bad governance into a hard but achievable technological problem, which humans have a knack for solving, we make success possible.”


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