NYC FutureSteading Event Draws Big Crowd

Although Silicon Valley and San Francisco are often considered the hubs of disruptive new technologies, New York City is certainly in contention as the focal point for the future-oriented. We’re not sure how else one can explain the inspiring turnout at FutureSteading, organized by seasteading ambassadors Kim Blozie and Charles Peralo. The futurist forum, which was held at Columbia University last Wednesday, convened over 250 attendants with wide-ranging backgrounds, all tied together by a shared interest in helping define “where we as a human species are headed“.

The crowd was treated to an impressive program of speakers leading up to Michael Keenan’s keynote on seasteading and the Institute’s role in opening up the ocean frontier. Following introductory remarks from the hosts, Thiel fellow Jeffrey Lim talked about his pioneering work on new forms of currency, better suited for the information age. Next, Aubrey de Grey spoke about research by SENS Foundation into rejuvenating treatments that could eventually put an end to aging. Finally, Sean Hastings spoke on the seasteading project and world’s first data haven, HavenCo, which he co-founded in 2000 aboard the Principality of Sealand. Hastings also talked about why seasteading is such an important cause, and is so worthy of support.

Michael’s speech built on Sean’s remarks, covering the philosophical underpinnings of the seasteading movement, along with an overview of how the Institute is breaking down our vision into feasible, incremental steps, and making substantial progress toward enabling a vibrant for-profit seasteading sector.

The audience of futurists and freethinkers was also able to interact with participating organizations at booths, each of which represented “the future of” various domains. The Seasteading Institute, for example, represented the future of culture; we were honored to be in the company of so many other innovative groups, including B.E.A.R. Oceanics (the future of energy–a group working on renewable algae biofuels), EnlightenNext (future of spirituality), the Bar-Barians (future of exercise), and many more.

Once again, our Ambassador team has blown us away with its commitment to raising awareness about the seasteading movement, and Kim and Charles deserve a huge thanks from the Institute, and from anyone who is concerned with bringing about a better future. Due to popular demand, we are building a whole community around the event, and can’t wait to see what FutureSteading becomes!


3 thoughts on “NYC FutureSteading Event Draws Big Crowd”

  1. I had a good time. It was nice to meet other ambassadors, and TSI staff. And it was good to meet and exchange ideas with others who realize how awesome seasteading is!!

  2. Well done Charles!! Congratulations to the awesome, and well put event. Looking forward to hearing more and connecting deeper with Dresden, as things get going over here (see link).

    Cheers, Ralf

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