Modular Seastead Design

Designing for choice: modular deckhouse design

Lina Suarez, a student of naval architecture and passionate designer, conducted a month-long internship with The Seasteading Institute under guidance from Director of Engineering George Petrie. Her assignment was to conceptualize a modular, adaptable seastead, complete with crane mechanism for rearranging “modules” or residential units atop the semi-submersible platform base.

The ability to easily enter or exit such a seastead configuration (i.e., voting with your house) is expected to enable greater freedom of choice and amplify the competitive pressures needed to spur governmental innovation.



Interior view from restaurant area


Top view


Open Balconies & Cranes

Open Balconies and Cranes

Close-up on Modules

Outside Close Up

Single Unit (320 sq. ft) – 1st configuration

Single Residential Unit - 1st Configuration

Single Unit – 2nd Configuration

Single Unit 2nd Configuration

Double Unit (640 sq. ft) – Bird’s Eye View

Double Unit


Residential space: 300 shipping containers take up the majority of the platform space, comprising apartments with area of 320 or 640 square feet.

Commercial Space: Each corner of the platform, adjoining the residential areas, is designated for shopping, a medical center, library, grocery store, and other shops.

Three open balconies lie on the top of the roof

75,000 square feet in harbor space are available for water activities, sports, shipping, and passenger unloading

Three Cranes are positioned on the roof to rearrange apartment modules

An Open Restaurant holds the community together in the middle of the platform


PDF Report

Click to download a PDF version of Suarez’s design.