Micronations (Feb. Social)

Our monthly Seasteading Social event is moving to Discord. For our February call, we’ll be talking about micronations. Our guest speakers will be Taz Riot, founder of Freeport and Jan Spiekermann, co-founder of Ethos Island.

Taz Riot formed Freeport in 2016 and followed international procedure to announce it to the UN. Freeport helped provide humanitarian aid to Sierra Leone during an Ebola virus outbreak, working with NGOs is a way to be recognized as a micronation by the UN. 

Jan Spiekermann holds the title of Knight of the Order of the Melting Mountain, Grand Duchy of Flandrensis. Flandrensis is an environmental nonprofit organization that uses micronationalism to raise awareness for climate change and Antarctica.

We will talk about the pros and cons of seasteading communities taking form as a micronation.

Join us on February 4 at 10AM Pacific on The Seasteading Institute Discord.