May 2017 Event Speaker Page

Speaker Information:
A Tahitian Seasteading Gathering;
Under the High Patronage of President Edouard Fritch

The Seasteading Institute is pleased to present an outstanding lineup of experts in their fields, presenting on various topics related to the technologies, legislation, and processes that will facilitate the creation of the first seasteads in French Polynesia. Check back for updated information about confirmed speakers.

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Edouard Fritch

President of French Polynesia

Edouard Fritch was elected President of French Polynesia on September 12, 2014. He was born on January 4, 1952 in Papeete. After studying in Tahiti, he entered the engineering school of the City of Paris, graduating from the Paris Architecture Department in 1979. A year later, he returned to Tahiti to take care of the municipal works of the city of Pirae, before heading the Territorial Office of Social Housing (OTHS) in 1982. In 1984, he entered the government as Minister of Public Works. In 1995, he became vice-president of French Polynesia, until 2005.

In 2009, he was again Vice-President, while holding the portfolios of community development and skills transfer, coordination of actions related to the conversion of military sites, communication, relations with institutions and government spokespersons. He served until the end of February 2011. He also served as Mayor of the municipality of Pirae between May 2000 and March 2008. He was re-elected Mayor in March 2014.

Teva Rohfritsch

Vice President of French Polynesia

Minister on several occasions between 2003 and 2011 in various portfolios, he then joined the BANQUE SOCREDO group to become deputy managing director of the banking subsidiaries OSB, OFINA and ODI.

He took charge in May 2015 of the Ministry of Economic Recovery, the Blue Economy, the Digital Policy, responsible for investment promotion, Assembly of French Polynesia and the CESC after having been elected Representative to the Assembly of French Polynesia as President of the A TI’A PORINETIA Group which he founded. Following a ministerial reshuffle, he is now Vice-President of French Polynesia, Minister of Economy and Finance, in charge of major investment projects and economic reforms.

Francis Vallat

European Network of Maritime Clusters Chairman

A floating island in Tahiti: what future?”

Chairman and co-founder of the European Network of Maritime Clusters. Honorary Chairman and founder of the Cluster Maritime Français. Honorary chairman of the Institut Français de la Mer. Chairman of SIGCO (Shipowners Insurance Guarantee Company). Shipowner for 27 years. Chairman and CEO of Van ommeren Tankers. Chairman Van Ommeren Transport. Member of the Board of “AdF” (French shipowners association) for 20 years. Representative of France at the Board of EMSA (European Maritime Safety Agency) during 10 years. Vice- chairman of EMSA during six years. Acting Chairman one year.

Senator J. Kalani English

Senate Majority Leader, Hawai’i State Senate

Mokulana, sacred floating islands of Hawaii: Implementing ancient Polynesian concepts with modern technology”

Of Hawaiian, Tahitian, Chinese & Russian Jewish heritage, Senator English graduated from Kamehameha Schools in 1984. He went on to Taiwan, continuing his studies and received a certificate from the Center for Public and Business Administration Education from the National Chengchi University. Then in 1989 he earned his B.A. in Pacific Islands Studies from Hawai’i Loa College. He is an alumnus of the East-West Center’s Institute of Culture & Communication, and completed graduate studies at UH Manoa in 1995 with an M.A. in Pacific Island Studies.

Former President, Association of Pacific Island Legislatures; Member, National Council of State Legislatures Transportation Committee; Delegate, National Caucus of Native American State Legislators; Member, American Council for Young Political Leaders; Chair, Senate Committee on Transportation & International Affairs; Vice Chair, Senate Committee on Energy and Environment; Member, Senate Committee on Hawaiian Affairs; Member, Senate Committee on Ways & Means; Member, Advisory Group of the Integrated Resource Plan; Member, Hawai’i Invasive Species Committee; Member, O’ahu Metropolitan Planning Organization Policy Committee; Member, Hawai’i Energy Policy Forum; Board Member, Maui Arts & Cultural Center; Board Member, Ho’onipa’a no Hana Foundation; Vice President, Hui Aina O Hana.

Jacques Rougerie

Architect, Member of the Institut de France

Living on the Sea”

Visionary architect, passionate about the sea. For more than 30 years based research and the structures on bionic architecture inspired by marine biological forms, a concern for sustainable development, drawing attention to the beauty and fragility of the sea and its fundamental role in the great story of humanity. Builds underwater habitats, laboratories, marine research centres, vessels with see-through hulls, sub-aquatic museums. Designs underwater villages and dwellings, combining his two passions of the sea and architecture. Like an underwater explorer, he has tested his creations and has lived several times in subsea habitats, famously participating in the world record achievement of 71 days under the sea in the United States.

Tony Hsieh

CEO of Zappos

Delivering Happiness”

In 1999, at the age of 24, Tony Hsieh sold LinkExchange, the company he co-founded, to Microsoft for $265 million.

He then joined Zappos as an advisor and investor, and eventually became CEO, where he helped Zappos grow from almost no sales to over $1 billion in gross merchandise sales annually, while simultaneously making Fortune magazine’s annual Best Companies to Work For list. In November 2009,, Inc. was acquired by in a deal valued at $1.2 billion on the day of closing.

Lelei Lelaulu

World Bank IFC Advisory Panel on Business and Sustainability

Beyond Moana”

Development entrepreneur working at the confluence of climate change, tourism, food security and renewable energy. A coordinator of the Oceania Sustainable Tourism Alliance, Lelei is also executive director of the Small Island Developing States Climate Action Program of the Earth Council and president of Sustainable Solutions, a renewable energy company in the Dominican Republic. He was president and CEO of the development and humanitarian agency Counterpart International after serving the United Nations on a series of summits and global conferences which in the 1990s defined the international development agenda. The former journalist hails from Samoa.

Lenick Perennou

Researcher, PhD Candidate

Floating architecture in French Polynesia ?”

Lenick obtained her scientific baccalaureate in 2010, in Tahiti and left for France where she entered the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture et de Paysage de Bordeaux. It was after doing a case study of a floating neighborhood in Amsterdam for her thesis work that she truly realized the vulnerability of French Polynesian islands in the face of climate change and sea level rise. She continued her research on this subject for her thesis by working on a feasibility study for a floating architecture project in French Polynesia, which will lead to a prototype of a floating facility in the bay of Paopao in Moorea.

The preservation of the environment and also the involvement of Polynesian culture in this region threatened by sea level rise, are central to Lenick’s values and she aims to invest her energy in this field in the near future.

Tua Pittman

Master Ocean Navigator

” E Vaa, E Motu, E Motu E Vaa”, “My canoe is my island, my island is my canoe””

Tua is internationally recognized as a traditional voyaging seafarer and is hailed by many as being one of the Cook Islands favourite sons. He is one of two Traditional Master Navigators in the Cook Islands, and was bestowed with the title of Pwo navigator in 2008. Pwo is a sacred initiation ritual, in which students of traditional navigation in the Islands become master navigators and are initiated in the associated secrets of this ancient art.

Tua has navigated canoes for over thirty years and many miles, sailing without the use of modern instruments, using a traditional navigation system based on observations of the stars, Sun, Moon, the Ocean swells, the flight patterns of birds and other natural signs. He serves on the board of the Cook Islands Voyaging Society and is associated with the Polynesian Voyaging Society of Hawaii, he is also a sub Chief in the district of Takitumu of Rarotonga, holding the title of Teaia Mataiapo.

Karina Czapiewska

Blue Frontiers VP Project Development

Environmental Framework for Floating Islands – Think Globably, Float Locally”

Specialist in the field of multidisciplinary area development, project management and sustainable development. She graduated at the faculty of Architecture at Delft University of Technology with a minor in Sustainable Development (TIDO). Since she first learned about the possibility of floating cities during her studies, she’s committed herself to realize the first self supporting floating city in the world.

Wang Chien Ming

Professor of Civil Engineering at University of Queensland

Very Large Floating Structure Technology for Space Creation on the Sea”

CM Wang is the TMR Chair Professor in Structural Engineering at the School of Civil Engineering, University of Queensland, Australia. He was formerly the Director for the Engineering Science Programme, National University of Singapore and Adjunct Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering, Monash University, Australia. His research interests are in the areas of structural stability, vibration, optimization, nanostructures, plated structures and Mega-Floats. He is the author or co-author of over 400 scientific publications, reviewer of many international journals in mechanics and structures, author and editor of 9 books including 2 books on Large Floating Structures.

Cécile Gaspar

Founder and president of Te Mana o te Moana NGO

Te Mana o te Moana spirit of the ocean

Cécile is an environmental specialist raised in south of France but settled in Moorea Island since 1993. She earned her degree in veterinary medicine and a MBA in France before getting her PhD specialty in marine ecology in French Polynesia. Her experience is mainly in marine mammals, sea turtles and coral reef. In 2004, she founded te mana o te moana NGO “spirit of the ocean” and runs it as the President since then. This “environmental” approved association, recognized of General Interest and member of the International Union of Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has three objectives: education, conservation and research on the Polynesian marine environment. Cécile is a also founding member of Tetiaroa Society Foundation and sits in its board as well as the scientific advisory board.

Neil Davies

Director of UC Berkeley Gump Station, Moorea

Polynesia FIRST: Floating Infrastructure Research: Science & Technology”

Director of the University of California Berkeley Gump Station in Moorea, French Polynesia. Responsible for developing world-class research, educational, and public outreach programs. Works with international and local partners to establish Moorea as a leading model ecosystem. In the context of unprecedented global change, Gump Station programs aim to: (1) discover processes underlying tropical biocomplexity, particularly in coral reef systems, and (2) translate this knowledge into sustainable development through innovative eco-engineering tools and management approaches. Neil is a leading a consortium of researchers in Polynesia to provide environmental guidance to the Floating Island Project.

Nathalie Mezza-Garcia

Researcher & PhD Candidate

Bio-Inspired Political Networks”

Nathalie is a PhD candidate at the Centre for Interdisciplinary Methodologies at the University of Warwick and a Fundación CEIBA doctoral fellow. Her research explores sociopolitical self-organisation in voluntary human settlements from a complexity theory perspective. In particular the scopes and limitations of network technologies in the emergence of open decision-making processes and heterarchical structures in voluntary and cybernetic technoutopias. The main goal of her research is to engineer sociopolitical interactions that lead to harmonic human communities without any central control. She is currently researching the Seasteading Institute´s Floating City Project and the notion of forking the nation-state.

Olivier Archambaud

Founder, Human Underwater Society

The future of humanity underwater”

Olivier Archambaud is a sustainable development engineer, diving instructor and pilot. He started his career developing seaweed farming branch in Madagascar for Sanofi Bio Industries. Back to France, he found a property development group from zero, make it grow as Ceo during ten years before to sold it to a bank group before taking a break going live with his family close to his passion, diving in a small island of French Polynesia. After big health issues he decided to involve his time and money from 2011 to the creation of HUS in order to contribute to promote development of breakthrough application to improve human autonomy in underwater environment and highlight the potentials impacts related to those themes beyond the immersion uses (to serve public health, industry and humanitary issues). In order to demonstrate that a such vision can generate business opportunity, he is become business angel of a R&D company of rehabilitation robotic whom he was former board director until it became public in 2015. Thanks to his exchanges with many specialist of new technology, he has acquired the conviction that time is coming to tackle the next step in our understanding of the relation between water and human life, sorely needed for solve next challenge society will have to face. He is promoting the creation of a major international « program for man in water » as it exist for space.

Alexandrine Wan

Sustainable Tourism Specialist

Sustainable Tourism Development : we believe in the MANA”

Alexandrine WAN was born and raised in French Polynesia. She has deep knowledge in the tourism industry with a specialization in sustainable tourism, for which she is currently completing a Graduate Certificate at the University of Harvard.

While discovering the world in every angle, Alexandrine strengthened her knowledge in Hong Kong, Thailand, California and France with the biggest hospitality brand around the world. From understanding the needs of a population in remote areas to developing creative outlet and strategies to implement tourism in a sustainable matter.

Pascal Erhel Hatuuku

Culture, tourism and environment consultant

Polynesian tradition facing climate change”

Pascal is of Marquisian descent, but spent his childhood in France and came back to Tahiti over 20 years ago to re-immerse himself in his native culture. He created OATEA in 2001, a consulting firm in Tourism, Environment and Art & Culture. From the creation of a cultural center to the realization of a hiking trail, from a guide-lecturer to vocational training, self-taught and touching everything, Pascal Erhel Hatuuku has been a technical advisor to French Polynesian governments on the themes that are dear to him: Culture, Tourism and Environment. He is also the Project Manager for the Marquesas Unesco project, as well as secretary-general of the Motu Haka cultural federation since 1999 and is an active member of Polynesian associations and NGOs with a heritage character (culture-nature). Pascal was the driving force behind the innovative “Marine Educational Protected Areas”, which started in the Marquesas but are now being exported throughout the world.

Zephanii Smith

National Council Member, United Nations Association

“Leaving No One Behind: Seasteads as a Hub of Humanitarian Action

How transnational advocacy and youth empowerment can help the Seasteading movement to achieve the Global Goals and how these new startup societies can participate in the UN system

Speaker Bio:
Zephanii has distinguished herself as an advocate for social innovation across governments, nonprofits, and businesses.  Prior to pursuing her passion for public service as a congressional staffer, Zephanii developed leadership skills working to address unresolved issues in civil rights.

In 2009, she was elected to serve on the NAACP’s Board of Directors, where she worked to develop campaigns and development of socially-conscious and sustainable youth units; advocated for voting rights at the United Nations; and served as Vice Chair of the association’s nationally syndicated awards show, The IMAGE Awards.

At Claremont McKenna College, Zephanii earned her BA in Government and studied abroad in Jordan, England, and South Korea. She worked with the Kravis Leadership Institute and the People for the American Way Foundation to develop See It Through!, a social venture aimed at serving disconnected youth, inspired by her engagement with Opportunity Nation, a bipartisan national campaign comprised of 300+ cross-sector organizations working to expand economic mobility and close the opportunity gap in America.

Prior to joining the Obama Administration as an intern in the White House Office of Management and Administration, Zephanii served as a committee consultant to the California State Legislature working to ensure transparency and accountability in state agencies and programs.

Since 2015, Zephanii has expanded her global leadership through various roles within and across the U.N. system. She was nominated to serve as a distinguished fellow for Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, where she spoke at the UN Headquarters about innovating from within institutions; and now serves as a civil society representative delegate to the United Nations, on behalf of NGO SustainUS. In 2016, Zephanii was elected as a member of the National Council of the United Nations Association for the United States of America where she will work to expand the role of civil society within the UN and help to identify opportunities to strengthen the organization through partnerships, innovation, and youth engagement.

Serge Planes

Director of the CRIOBE (CNRS-EPHE-UPVD), Moorea

Research Director of CNRS (DR2) and Associate Professor of EPHE, University of Perpignan, Cedex, France. Director of USR 3278 CNRS-EPHE (CRIOBE-CBETM), Director of GDRI ‘Biodiversité des Récifs coralliens’ (CNRS), Director of IRCP ‘Institut des Récifs Coralliens du Pacifique’ (EPHE), member of the Conseil d’Administration «Grappe d’entreprise Fa’ahotu», and French scientific expert for the French delegation to ICRI International for Coral Reefs. Expert in marine ecology, coral reef ecosystem, dispersion, connectivity, evolutionary biology, genetic, molecular biology. Coordinator of 2 major European programs (BIOMEX, Fish and Chips).

Ari Eisenstat

Co-Executive Director, UN Global Sustainability Index Institute

“Cross-Sector Collaboration for Sustainable Ocean Development”
How Seasteads can create innovative partnerships with governments, businesses, and nonprofits to maximize social, environmental, and economic impact
Speaker Bio:
At 29 years old, Ari Eisenstat is the Co-Executive Director of the UN Global Sustainability Index Institute, an independent foundation mandated to measure and accelerate capital for the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. Through education, investment, and a comprehensive index, UNGSII empowers stakeholders from all sectors to achieve the global goals. (  Ari is also the CEO and Founder of DREAM VENTURES GLOBAL, an idea-stage impact venture fund with the mission of funding the next generation of socially, environmentally, and technologically conscious entrepreneurs.

Ari was selected to be an International Chamber of Commerce representative to the United Nations during the post-2015 negotiations, and is a member of the UN’s Interagency Working Group for Youth and Gender Equality. He is the cofounder of the “U.N.trepreneurship Initiative,” which connects entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs across sectors to innovate for the 2030 Global Goals for Sustainable Development. Ari regularly delivers the DRÆMATHON Social Venture Creation Workshop to students to some of the world’s leading universities, including Stanford, Harvard, UC Berkeley, MIT and NYU. In addition, he mentors startups with top incubator and accelerator programs.

Ari is a serial social entrepreneur, investor, and creative who has led innovation across hedge funds, think tanks, nonprofits, sustainable agriculture, creative incubators, educational organizations, venture capital funds, and art technology. He is a founding member of several philanthropic initiatives that support creative technology, social innovation, and sustainable development. His presentations on Sustainable Development, Venture Capital, Impact Investing, and Social Entrepreneurship have been featured around the world. Ari curates at and speaks at events at universities, businesses, nonprofits, and conferences, festivals, and events consulting leaders in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors.

Tom W. Bell

Special Economic Zone Legislation Expert

Legal Framework”

Professor Tom W. Bell earned his J.D. from the University of Chicago in 1993, then practiced law in Silicon Valley and Washington, D.C. before serving as a policy director at the Cato Institute. In 1998, he joined the faculty of Chapman University, Fowler School of Law, where he teaches all of the first-year common law courses and electives in high-tech and intellectual property law. Bell has published papers on copyright, Internet law, polycentric law, prediction markets, and the Third Amendment (the one about quartering troops). His books include “Intellectual Privilege: Copyright, Common Law, and the Common Good” (Mercatus, 2014) and “Your Next Government? From Nation State to Stateless Association” (Cambridge University Press, in press). Through Archimediate LLC, Bell advises companies developing special jurisdictions on the design, installation, and support of their legal systems.

Susanna Dokupil

CEO, Paladin Strategies

Master of Ceremony, Thursday Afternoon”

Paladin Strategies is a strategic public relations company. Susanna has a diverse background in law and public policy with experience in all three branches of government. Susanna has served as Special Counsel to the United States Senate Judiciary Committee, as an Assistant Solicitor General in the Office of the Attorney General of Texas, and as a clerk to a federal appellate judge. She has testified before numerous state legislatures and authored over 75 articles and op-eds that have appeared in National Review Online, The Washington Times, The Houston Chronicle, The American Enterprise, and Above the Law. Susanna has also raised money for political candidates at all levels of government and has frequently volunteered her time in citizen activism. She received her J.D. from Harvard Law School, where she was Editor-in-Chief of the Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy. She also holds a master’s degree in Strategic Public Relations from George Washington University and a master’s and bachelor’s magna cum laude from Baylor University.

Jim Von Ehr

Nanotechnology Expert, Inventor & Entrepreneur

From Lab to Market: Commercializing Nanotechnology”

Programmer, inventor and entrepreneur, nanotechnology industry leader. CEO of Zyvex Labs and chairman of Zyvex Technologies. Founder of the Texas Nanotechnology Initiative and the Feynman Grand Prize in Nanotechnology. Von Ehr was named an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year in June 2003. He has also been named Distinguished Alumni of MSU and UTD, and received MSU’s Claud Erickson Award, their highest engineering honor. Board member of The Seasteading Institute, Investor in Blue Frontiers.

Pauline Sillinger

Ecological design and sustainable development specialist

Using nature’s guidelines as a basis for design: an introduction to ecological design and how to create thriving communities”

Pauline Sillinger is an environmental specialist raised in French Polynesia. She earned a B.A. Honours Environment from McGill University in Canada and she later strengthened it with two certificates in Permaculture Design and Design for Sustainability (Gaia Education). Pauline strongly believes that change comes from empowering people to take actions for themselves and their environment, which explains why most of her work has focused on working hands in hands with local communities to find tailor-made solutions that respect their livelihoods and traditions. In 2017, she started working for the Fédération des Association de Protection de l’Environnement “Te Ora Naho”, a Polynesian NGO that gathers the private stakeholders acting for sustainable development in French Polynesia. She is currently developing a training programme for individuals who live in remote Polynesian islands so that they can become agents of change in their own communities. Pauline is also very involved in preserving the Polynesian cultural heritage as she is a Tahitian dance teacher and travels overseas to share this knowledge and passion.

Hervé Bossin

Medical entomologist at Institut Louis Malardé, Tahiti

Fight the Bite – When Biology and Engineering combine to eliminate Zika and Dengue in Tropical Islands”

Senior Scientist and head of the Medical Entomology Laboratory at Institut Louis Malardé in Tahiti, French Polynesia. He holds a Ph.D. in Biology from the University of Montpellier, France and an MBA from The Open University in the UK. His research focuses on the development and field evaluation of innovative strategies to address the burden of Zika and other mosquito-borne diseases in Pacific and other communities around the globe. His unprecedented pilot operation for the sustainable control of mosquitoes on the atoll of Tetiaroa incorporates the latest discoveries in evolutionary biology. Stemming from this success, his vision is to eliminate mosquitoes vectors of diseases from the Society Islands and beyond over the next decade.

Egor Ryjikov

Co-founder and managing partner of Weber CoMechanics Group

Islands 2.0″

Weber CoMechanics Group is a made up of 16 companies involved in engineering, robotics, manufacturing, and development and application of new technologies. Egor is also an inventor, experimenter, dreamer, serial entrepreneur and a business angel.

His current interests include: distributed manufacturing, blue economy, floating solar, floating OTEC, floating data centers, circular economy, data-based sharing economy.

Egor is an ambassador of The Seasteading Institute as well as co-founder and VP Engineering for Blue Frontiers.

Joe Quirk

Seasteading Institute Author & Seavangelist

“Blue Jobs on the Blue Frontier”

Author & Seavangelist for The Seasteading Institute and Blue Frontiers. He is the author, with support from Patri Friedman, of Seasteading: How Floating Nations Will Restore The Environment, Enrich The Poor, Cure The Sick, and Liberate Humanity from Politicians. Joe has been deeply involved in seasteading and spreading the message since he first learned about it in 2011.

Randy Hencken

Seasteading Institute Executive Director

Who Are We & Why Are We Here?”

Pragmatic Executive Director of The Seasteading Institute since 2012, and now CEO of the spin-off company Blue Frontiers. Randy has spearheaded the Floating City Project since 2013 when he determined that merging seasteading goals with startup city methods was the most practical first steps for the seasteading movement. On behalf of The Seasteading Institute Randy signed the MOU with French Polynesia on January 13, 2017.

Marc Collins

Former Minister of Tourism, Co-founder Blue Frontiers and Seasteading Institute Ambassador for French Polynesia

Why Tahiti ?”

Marc Collins was born in Hawai’i, the son of an American father and Tahitian mother, raised in Mexico City and attended college in the United States. He returned to his mother’s home country of Tahiti, in 1991, where he became involved in the family business of black pearl farming and retailing. He ran a successful chain of Tahitian pearl jewelry boutiques and after 17 years in the business, was invited to join the government as Minister of Tourism from 2007 until 2008.

In 2010, he launched French Polynesia’s first challenger Internet Service Provider, Viti, offering the first wireless 4G network on the island of Tahiti. From March 2012 to March 2013, Marc was the Area Manager, Pacific Islands, for the Hawaiki Submarine Cable, which will soon be connecting New Zealand to Hawaii.
In May 2013, Marc and 4 other partners launched Tahiti’s first OTT (over the top) entertainment platform, NiuTV. In November 2015, NiuTV became the 3rd licensed Internet Service Provider in French Polynesia, under the brand “Smart Tahiti Networks”.

In 2017, Marc became an Ambassador for The Seasteading Institute, as well as a co-founder and VP of Public Affairs for Blue Frontiers.

Bart Roeffen

VP Architecture Blue Frontiers

Architectural Opportunities for Floating Islands”

As principle architect for DeltaSync Bart was in charge of the design and construction supervision of the Floating Pavilion in Rotterdam. This is considered to be one of the leading floating projects and a milestone in the technological development of floating urbanization. Advanced 3D technology was adopted in order to translate spatial concepts into reality and optimize complex shapes. Roeffen is driven to innovate construction industry in terms of production and sustainable development.

Greg Delaune

PPP & Sustainable Economic Development Expert

Community Engagement for Sustainable Economic Development”

Greg Delaune is an internationally recognized consultant, teacher, speaker, and writer specializing in sustainable economic development and public-private partnerships (PPPs) for green cities and smart cities. Greg has over 15 years of international experience in economic development, urban design, and regional planning policy, managing multidisciplinary teams in the formulation and execution of innovative development strategies, including applied research on integrated sustainability tools and techniques for emerging economies in peripheral Europe and Latin America (e.g. Italy, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Uruguay). He is cofounder and CEO of The Urban Innovation Exchange (UIX Global), and founder and editor of the blog IMPACT URBANISM (

Mark Lutter

Lead Economist at NeWAY

The Importance of Special Economic Zones”

Mark Lutter works on the design and implementation of legal and regulatory systems for new jurisdictions. Mark has a PhD in economics from George Mason University. His dissertation, written under Don Boudreaux, focused on the creation of legal systems for new cities to attract investment and boost economic growth. Mark has written extensively on the development of new jurisdictions. He has been published by the Daily Caller, Fast Company, City A.M., the Freeman, and the PanAM Post. His work has been translated into Spanish and Portuguese. He holds a B.S. in math from the University of Maryland, College Park.

Robert Viglione

Blockchain strategist

Blockchain Innovations and Social Entrepreneurship”

Robert Viglione is a Co-Founder and part of the core team launching and ZClassic, Co-Founder and CEO of Secure Blockchain Systems LLC, and Head of U.S. & Canada Ambassadors for BlockPay. He’s also a PhD candidate in Finance @UofSC with research interests in cryptofinance, asset pricing, and innovation, where he teaches “Bitcoin & Blockchain Applications in Finance.”

John Hawkins

Workforce Development Expert

Economic Impact Analysis of the Floating Island Project”

John Hawkins is the Director of Workforce Development and a Senior Consultant at Emsi. He specializes in workforce development, community economic development, labor market data analysis, and transportation and community planning. His typical projects include industry sector strategies, labor market demand, workforce availability, and economic impact analyses throughout the U.S. John received his education at the University of Idaho and holds master’s degrees in civil engineering (focus: transportation systems planning) and regional planning (focus: community economic development). He is a certified Strategic Workforce Planner and is on the Board of Directors for the National Association of Workforce Development Professionals (NAWDP).

Philippe Lemonnier

Founder, Pacific Ventury

A flag for unidentified floating objects?”

Philippe Lemonnier is the founder and manager of Pacific Ventury, first company in French Polynesia dedicated to Leadership. After exercising for 12 years as a Lawyer in different field (oil & gas, telecommunications, politics) he was received as Professional associates at the Pacific Islands Leadership Program with Taiwan held by the East West Center (Honolulu) and created his own company afterwards. He is also the organizer of the TEDxPapeete events since 2013 in Tahiti as well as the “FuckUp nights » since 2017. Philippe Lemonnier owns a Bachelor in Law and Pacific Law from the University of French Polynesia and a Master in International Business Law and Maritime Law as well as several certifications in the field of Leadership and Psychology.

Oriol Badia Rafart

Director of Business Development at Malloy Aeronautics Ltd.

Floating Islands and Flying bikes”


Re-thinking mobility: How floating cities can impact -and benefit from- aerial transportation.

Ancient cities were founded by communities of people who shared similar values in order to achieve progress together. Nowadays, these cities and the rules built around them dictate the way in which communities behave and grow. The same happened with aviation: what started as a search and expression for freedom has become today an industry struggling to evolve within its own tightly regulated ecosystem.

Autonomous vehicles and personal aerial transportation are needed technologies that have limited growth in urban areas with laws not designed for them. Independent floating cities will be the perfect environment to fast-track innovations that will help improve communications, ensure critical supplies and reduce the need for other infrastructure.

With planned missions to Mars by 2022 and big airships floating back again in the air as luxury hotels by 2020, will the Seasteading Institute be the precedent for the next “Skysteading” cities?

Speaker Bio:
Aeronautical Engineer, entrepreneur and visionary. Self-defined as Airvangelist, he’s a constant traveler and deeply passionate about aviation and technology.

He started his career at Airbus Defence & Space, rapidly jumping into entrepreneurship and merging concepts such as drones, Internet of Things and Emergency Organizations at Unblur S.L.

He is currently the Business Development Director at Malloy Aeronautics, the company that built the first Hoverbike, and now working towards a world where people and objects will be able to fly over land and water, autonomously at the push of a button.

Rachel Murch

Downtown Las Vegas Subscriber and Organizational Change Consultant

Born and raised in Las Vegas, Rachel has a unique perspective on the culture changes and community in Downtown Las Vegas (DTLV). She works at and is also a member of the DTLV community and Airstream Park. She specializes in organizational change through improving culture and community within organizations.

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