March 2009 Newsletter

Welcome to The Seasteading Institute’s March Newsletter! We had a ton of press coverage this month, have lots of new volunteers, and a number of key projects are moving along.


  • [Membership Program][] – This will launch on April 15th (TSI’s 1-year anniversary), along with our 2008 Annual Report. Expect a special mid-month mailing about these!
  • Design Contest – Deadline is May 1st, and already several submissions so far. Lots of interest from the blogosphere.

Website / Social Networks

  • [Community][] stats for March – Feb stats in (). We’re very excited at the massive growth in our mailing list, which more than doubled this month thanks to traffic from the CNN story.
  • Website migrated to a new host which is faster and more reliable. Statistics:
    • Again, our 2nd best traffic month ever, beating Jan/Feb and only exceeded by last May’s slashdot/gizmodo/etc.
    • March daily averages: 2900 visits (2400), 14k pages (11k), 180k hits (102K).
    • Over 500 people a day found our website by googling for some variant of seasteading or seasteading institute, indicating that our many offline news stories are driving significant traffic.
  • Blog(s):

In-person GTGs

Basia: Press / Awareness Report

March has been quite a month here at The Seasteading Institute. We received a lot of press, started some new initiatives and we are happy we are getting more and more people interested in Seasteading.

Social Media & Community Relations

  • Our Facebook supporters are growing in numbers. As of now we have 443 members in our FB group and 80 fans on our new Seasteading Facebook Page .
  • We also started a new Twitter (@Seasteading ) feed to keep all of our supporters and followers up to date on current inititaitives here at Seasteading. In a very short time we already have 89 followers!

Press Coverage


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