Learn Something New About the Ocean

Lauri Buckley from OnlineClasses.org wrote us to mention that they’ve done a round-up of interesting ocean-focused documentaries that can be found around the web. Some of these have direct relevance to seasteading.

Here are a few I liked:

Big Stuff: Water: This video is a great place to learn more about the mega-ships of the water industry. Flotsam Found: In this movie, you’ll see the large amount of garbage that pollutes the world’s seas and how it’s having effects, both positive and negative. Underwater Robot: Check out this video from Johns Hopkins to learn more about how robots are being built to operate underwater–perhaps even at great depths. Ocean Tipping Point: Find out how climate change is impacting the oceans in this video. Ocean Humans Impact the Ocean: In this film from the Ocean Channel, you’ll see what an incredible impact human activities have on the ocean

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