Joe’s Birthday Fundraiser for the Incubator Scholarship

Joe Quirk is turning 55 on June 5! You can make all his birthday wishes come true by donating to our new Incubator Scholarship.You can help build the community of seasteading developers by donating to the Incubator Scholarship. Scholarship funds will cover travel costs and room and board for incubator participants.

Our goal is to raise $55,000 for 5 Incubator Scholarships for Joe’s 55th birthday.

Let’s make seasteading happen this year. Help talented developers devote their time to building the first seastead community in Panama.

The Incubator is hosted by Ocean Builders in Panama. Entrepreneurs, aquapreneurs, technology enthusiasts, marine biologists and anyone passionate about developing new projects are invited to join the Ocean Builders team to develop open source technology for the SeaPod. 

Incubator Scholarship recipients will contribute to Open Source projects to benefit the whole seasteading community.

Grant Romundt, CEO of Ocean Builders, will present the new online project management system for the Incubator at our June Seasteading Social on Joe’s birthday.


Catching up with Atlantis Sea Colony

Join our March 2023 Seasteading Social to talk with Brendon Traxler about his underwater habitats.