Joe Quirk and Randolph Hencken on TV

Our team was recently invited to share the seasteading vision with the audience of Glenn Beck’s television network, The Blaze, where Beck has recently been promoting his own idea for alternative governance: Independence, USA. Executive Director Randolph Hencken and seasteading book co-author Joe Quirk sat down with host Stu Burguiere (Glenn was originally planning to do the interview, but had to attend to a personal issue) and argued that the ocean is, in fact, the most realistic place to establish a brand-new autonomous community, since Beck’s preferred location in Texas would place him under the jurisdiction of both the state and US Federal Government. The TV episode of the Wonderful World of Stu aired on Saturday, May 18, with a radio pitch having aired the day before. We will see whether our message translates into concrete action on the part of the Blaze’s audience, but we are optimistic that our appearance attracted many new supporters of our movement.


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  1. I Like it, I want it, I’m In … thank God for the thinkers, the doers, the entrepreneurs… This is a fantastic idea, Let’s get-it-on… I’ll sail my little boat out there and help build it… RG

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