Seasteading Social Jan. 16 on Games

Join seasteading enthusiasts from around the world to discuss games that teach us about seasteading.

Once a month, we will host a free, online discussion on a topic related to seasteading.

Seasteading is living on environmentally restorative floating islands with some degree of political autonomy.

The term comes from homesteading, which means making a home for oneself in new, uninhabited places. It generally has associations with self-sufficiency and a frontier lifestyle. Seasteading is reminiscent of that idea, but at sea.

Our guest speaker Katie Chowne, Lead Ambassador for The Seasteading Institute.

Katie has been an Ambassador for Seasteading for 7 years.  Before becoming an ambassador she was the Leader of the Libertarian Party of Canada, but resigned when she moved to the United States.

Katie loves the idea of testing out new policy and different social structures as a way for each person and small groups of people to find their best fit, a tailor made society.

One passion of hers is boardgames; the stories they tell, the strategies they use, and each time played you can try something new.  She will bring that love of tabletop gaming to you with an attempt at focusing our collective efforts in discussions around making the best table top game for Seasteading.

Our host will be Elliot Roth, founder of Spira, a company that creates replacements for animal and petroleum compounds in the supply chain locally using genetically engineered algae. Elliot is an Ambassador for The Seasteading Institute and  has experience running a game company.