This Indigo Concept Ocean Civilization offers a solution to face the realities of the World and Humanity

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French humanist, Frédéric Pons, in this white paper set out to show the French, and the people of the world that Seasteading Cities are not only possible but are necessary.  He proposes that with the elite escaping to outer space, and the average person using virtuality and the metaverse for escapism, it’s up to the rest of us to build a better life, and a better world.

His Indigo Civilization is bold and optimistic.  As he puts it, it’s a humanistic vision for the future in which we live and develop on and under the seas; where we protect, flourish and enrich all living beings on the planet.

When we hear of such outrageously bold projects, we tend to dismiss them as too big to achieve.  But Pons also points out that John F. Kennedy succeeded in putting a man on the moon in only 7 years, which then enthused the whole world.  In light of that accomplishment, it’s easy to believe the Indigo Ocean Civilization can be a reality sooner than later.

In his white paper (executive summary here), Frédéric Pons is exhaustive in providing resources and proof of his concept.  But for me, it was the description below that ignited my mental musings and desire to be part of such a city.  Take a look, are you an Indigo Citizen?


• Living Life as an adventure, have a pioneering spirit

• Having a self-improvement dynamic as a personality trait

• Enjoying a balance of work and life

• Loving the idea of an environment teaming with life, the ocean verses land living

• Interested in unique career development opportunities

• Becoming a co-developer of a new virtuous model for life

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