Housing busts, household mobility, and seasteading

From Calculated Risk:


2 thoughts on “Housing busts, household mobility, and seasteading”

  1. I got back from CA on the night of Tuesday the 14th and on the night of Wed the 15th Hurricane Omar came close to Anguilla. My wife had told me about it like 3 days before it got here. It was a category 3 hurricane but like 50 miles away so that the winds here got up to just 60 MPH, which is not the 74 MPH for a “hurricane” at our location. Still, there were enough trees near power lines that it took till like 7 pm on Fri 17th to get power back to our place (less than 48 hours). Some places in Anguilla still do not have power.

    Anyway, if we had a seastead and had been on my proposed migration schedule we would not have had our house anywhere near this hurricane. 🙂


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