reimagining civilization with floating communities

Seasteading means building floating cities with significant political autonomy.

Nearly half the world’s surface is unclaimed by any nation-state, and many coastal nations can legislate seasteads in their territorial waters.

The Seasteading Institute is a nonprofit organization.

We promote the creation of floating ocean cities as a revolutionary solution to some of the world’s most pressing problems: rising sea levels, overpopulation, poor governance, and more

We are working on drafting Classification Society Rules and Standards which is the first step to making it possible to create a category for seasteads in flagging registries. The Rules and Standards will become a baseline tool for seasteaders.

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Design Idea)) --> MAN([Manufacturing]) MAN --> INS([Insurance]) DES --> APP([Apply for Flag]) APP --> REV([Flagging Registry
reviews classification]) CRG -->|Sets rules for
Manufacturing| MAN APP -->|Ensures vessel can
obtain insurance| INS INS --> VER([Verifies Compliance]) VER -->|Isurance Company
reviews vessel| FLG REV --> CRG([Classification Rules
& Guidelines]) REV --> FLG([Flagging Registry
Issues Flag]) FLG --> END{{fa:fa-flag-checkered
Legal Seastead in the water!}} click MAN call callback() "Tooltip for a callback" click DES href "" "This is a link"