Help us research floating structures!

As you may have seen on the main blog, TSI needs your help.

We have some great ideas about how to advance the vision of seasteading, but our financial resources are limited. We can’t depend on our single major donor forever, so we need to pull together as a community to independently fund important initiatives.

We face a major engineering challenge: how to build affordable, incremental, modular structures which can withstand ocean waves. We are actively searching for a Director of Engineering with the unusual combination of creativity, experience, hands-on ability, and the willingness to work for a non-profit salary, but it will probably take awhile. In the meantime, hiring an Engineering Intern will allow us to make cost-effective progress in this area.

We even have an intern lined up: community member Eelco Hoogendoorn, who is about to complete his M.S. in Mechanical Engineering. He is enthusiastic, has been developing his own seastead designs, and is willing to work at a much lower rate than engineering consultants. We’d like to hire him for a 3 month internship.

Please help us fund this project by donating below. We’d especially like to get some seed donations in before this announcement goes out to our 1300 mailing list subscribers on Monday. Thanks!


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