Free Private Cities with Titus Gebel (Governance Part 2)

Once a month, we will host an online discussion on a topic related to seasteading.

Seasteading is living on environmentally restorative floating islands with some degree of political autonomy.

The term comes from homesteading, which means making a home for oneself in new, uninhabited places. It generally has associations with self-sufficiency and a frontier lifestyle. Seasteading is reminiscent of that idea, but at sea.

The topic for our May meeting is: Free Private Cities with Titus Gebel (Governance Part 2).[rd_line color=”#1e73be”]Our guest speaker is Titus Gebel, Board Member for The Seasteading Institute.

Gebel is also founder, President & CEO of TIPOLIS Corporation and board member of the Free Private Cities Foundation. He is a German entrepreneur with a PhD in international law and an extensive worldwide network. Among others, he founded Frankfurt-listed mining company Deutsche Rohstoff AG, retired as their CEO in 2015 and emigrated with his family to Monaco. With Free Private Cities, he wants to create an entirely new product in the “market of living together”. If successful, it will fast-track knowledge and progress for humanity. Titus has written the book, Free Private Cities – Making Governments Compete For You, where he states the theoretical and practical groundwork. At the same time he is working with his partners to make the worldwide first Free Private City a reality.[rd_line color=”#1e73be”]