Going Galt (humor)

Cute parody post from Sadly, No!, a “liberal/progressive humor site”:

I’ve had enough. Dr. Helen is right. The Chrysler debacle was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Unless it was the Dijon mustard. Whatever. I’m not going to play along anymore. I will no longer be blogging just to enrich Google or BlogAds or somebody else who just siphons our money and redirects it towards a usurper who wants to destroy capitalism. Blogging is not a suicide pact.

I quit. This is it. The end. I will not be blogging one word until we have responsible, small-government, free market leadership back in the White House.

UPDATE: Do not write me. Do not call me. Do not e-mail me. I’m serious.

UPDATE II: I will be updating this post periodically throughout the day to present my early impressions of Going Galt from blogging.

UPDATE IV: Quick hit — the best part about seasteading is “Fuck you, world.”

It continues on through many more amusing updates…


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