Financial Times Profiles Seasteading Movement

“Imagine a network of self-sufficient communities floating in oceans beyond the reach of international governments, capable of setting their own laws, norms and social rules. Led by pioneering individuals, these societies could become a blueprint for a new way of life – one that is more equitable, tolerant and entrepreneurial.”
— Financial Times, 3/30/2012
The Financial Times recently featured both The Seasteading Institute and Blueseed in an article that gives a detailed description of the philosophical foundations of the seasteading movement and the origins of the Institute itself. Titled, “Seachange”, the article attributes the rise in mainstream popularity of seasteading to political and economic unrest, and describes our proposed solution in simple terms:
“If you are unhappy with your government, then you should be free to use another one – or, better still, start one yourself.”
While the author makes the common error of labeling us as ideologically libertarian early on, he eventually sets the record straight:
“[President of the Institute] Keenan tells me that the people working at the Seasteading Institute ‘come in from different angles … a lot of people are interested in creating diverse, autonomous societies. Some think government is a trillion-dollar industry and a lot of money can be made here, potentially. I don’t want to impose libertarianism on everyone. I want people to have the government that they want.'”
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