Feasibility and Design of the Clubstead Presented at OMAE 2010

Newly and proudly added to our research page: Feasibility and Design of the Clubstead: A Cable-Stayed Floating Structure for Offshore Dwellings.

Produced by Marine Innovation and Technology researchers Alexia Aubault, Wendy Sitler-Roddier, Dominique Roddier in conjunction with The Seasteading Institute, this presentation is the culmination of the past year and a half of research and follow-up investigation around the Clubstead project, a specific design for a 200-guest hotel/resort sized for the waves 200 nautical miles off the coast of Los Angeles, with detailed structural and hydrodynamic analysis.

Presented at OMAE 2010 in Shanghai, China, and officially released for publication on June 28, 2010. Download the PDF here.


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