Ephemerisle: A Floating Festival of Freedom on Humanity’s Next Frontier, July 22-25

Eph from aboveHere’s our libertarian-focused promo for Ephemerisle, please link to it and spread the word!

The time to get tickets for The Seasteading Institute’s (TSI) second annual Ephemerisle festival is here!  From July 22-25, join us on the Sacramento River Delta for an event that will bring together visionaries (such as libertarian philanthropist and TSI donor Peter Thiel), iconoclasts, artists, and do-ers for a celebration of creative expression and utopian experimentation.  Expect music and dance; discussion and debate; cooperation and creation.

Conceived by TSI founder Patri Friedman (grandson of Milton Friedman), Ephemerisle is also the initial step in a grand experiment.

Eph from above

Ephemerisle is the first practical foray into colonizing the oceans as a means of achieving liberty in our lifetimes.  TSI knows that big visions are best achieved through action, not words, and it is in that spirit that Ephemerisle was created — an embryonic seasteading city, existing in physical reality, today. Ephemerisle will evolve incrementally each year until it is a full-fledged politically independent city on the ocean, generating awareness, community, and invaluable experience for the seasteading movement along the way.

And what an experience it is!  Ephemerisle is a participant-driven event, and our community creates some amazing things.  Last year’s Ephemerisle featured a post-apocalyptic lounge boat, a solar powered trimaran, and other heretofore unseen feats of DIY nautical engineering and artistic endeavor.Eph from above This year’s event is even better: Participant projects include The Relentless – a salvaged antique house boat turned floating experimental art venue;  Memocracy – a floating camp devoted to talks, discussions, and ideas that could change the world; and the SeaNote Challenge – an alternative currency experiment designed to ignite the imaginations of artists and entrepreneurs alike.  Many, many more are in the works.

Brian Doherty, Senior Editor at Reason (and Ephemerisle 2009 & 2010 attendee) claimed that Ephemerisle “might someday turn out to have been day one of the libertarian future.”  Don’t just wait to read about it — come and be a part of it.

To learn more about Ephemerisle and how to get involved, please visit http://www.ephemerisle.org/.


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