Engineering Q&A Webcast

With the release of all the engineering documents on our ClubStead page, lots of questions have come up. For example, some people have pointed out that the topside weight and platform load are incompatible, and that there are negative airgaps in some of the big wave scenarios.

We believe strongly in the virtues of transparency, which is why we released the engineering information as soon as we could – right after the patent was filed – even though it isn’t complete. Because we wanted to get information out as soon as possible, we pushed MI&T to write up what they had before all the engineering work was completed. Now that we have the first batch out, they are going to finish the analysis, tie up the loose ends, and provide more detail on the design.

Anyway, given the community interest in the design, we thought it would be nice to offer y’all some access to MI&T to ask questions about the design. To avoid running up our tab with them via long interactions, we’re going to structure this as a Q&A with the community submitting and voting on engineering questions, and we will pass on the top questions. We’re going to try shooting this as a video and webcasting it, although if we run into technical difficulties we will just do it as a text response. (If we do a video, we will also provide a transcript later for ease of reading).

Our next meeting w/ MI&T is this Thursday, February 5th at 2PM PST, so we will do the Q&A then. Please submit and vote on questions on this YayBoo list, and provide technical details when necessary on this wiki page.


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