Do you have a great seasteading concept? Win €7500 in the Prix Ars Electronica 2010 / [the next idea] Art and Technology Grant

Well our staff is too busy to enter the contest for the €7500 prize and three month artist in residency, so we’re turning this one over to our community. If you do win, don’t forget to make a donation to us for our important work 🙂

Here’s Prix Ars description of the contest:


The aim of this art & technology grant bestowed annually by voestalpine and Ars Electronica is to honor new and extraordinarily promising ideas and to support the process of developing them further. Artistic and social innovations are what we’re looking for; technological and scientific approaches too! Whatever it is, the accent should definitely be on striving to conceptualize something in a totally fresh way, advancing it to the next level and significantly enhancing it thereby. Taking the next big step forward.

We seek to nurture projects that deal with three themes of key importance to humankind’s future: energy, mobility and access. Alternative models for improved ways of using energy and resources; concepts and ideas for a world that has become more mobile and more globalized; measures and projects designed to enable broader access to and participation in the possibilities afforded by our modern Information Society.

Men and women worldwide who have developed but not yet implemented a concept in the fields of art, design or technology are encouraged to apply for this grant. The recipient will receive a cash stipend in the amount of €7,500 and an invitation to spend three months in Linz as Artist/Scientist-in-Residence at Ars Electronica.

The project or concept singled out for recognition in this way will be presented in the Prix Ars Electronica’s “CyberArts” catalog and at the Festival Ars Electronica in the current year.

The awarding of this grant is made possible by voestalpine.

Submission Details:

Each submission has to include the following parts:

  1. video documentation (approx. 3 min.)
  2. concept description
  3. production plan

Each concept is to be entered in the form of a video documentation (approx. 3 min.), in which the author of the project personally introduces the concept.

The concept description should explain the essentials of the idea and how it could be realized in terms of technical details (hardware and software), production tasks, and spatial requirements.

The production plan should contain a clear description of the production tasks involved in the project, and an indication of whether the particular task is to be performed by the entrant personally or by someone else (e.g. Ars Electronica Futurelab personnel).

Please note that the Jury’s decision will be based primarily on the concept description and he production plan, so please be sure that the information provided in your entry is as specific as possible.


This competition is open to all kinds of innovative concepts and ideas in the fields of

  1. Art
  2. Design
  3. Technology

It is an essential precondition that the concept submitted deal with at least one of the prescribed thematic fields energy, mobility and access.

Evaluation Criteria

Every concept submitted for consideration will be evaluated by a jury of experts in the order in which it was received according to the following criteria:

Relevance for the creative community in art, technology and society,
Artistic and/or technical innovativeness of the content, and
Originality and significance of the idea.
Strictly commercially oriented productions (product advertisements, etc.) are ineligible.

In addition to the works entered by participants, each Jury may also nominate other works.

Presentation of the Grant Recipient’s Project

The grant recipient’s project or concept will be showcased at the Festival Ars Electronica. If possible, the preparations for this exhibition will be made within the framework of an Artist/Scientist-In-Residence term in Linz.

The grant applicant must provide assurance that he/she will definitely present his/her project or concept at the Festival Ars Electronica. This presentation must be arranged in consultation with the festival organizers, who reserve the right to take festival programming considerations into account in prescribing the format of the presentation.

The stipend in the amount of 7,500 Euro will be awarded on a one-time basis to the entrant(s) submitting the concept selected by the Jury, and includes all travel and lodging costs during the term of residency and/or during the Festival Ars Electronica, regardless of whether the concept was submitted by an individual entrant or a group of entrants. If the stipend is awarded to such a group, then participation in the residency program is limited to three persons from among the group.

Prior to beginning the work and/or the Residency, any and all costs and expenditures of effort that this presentation will entail must be discussed and agreed to by the grant recipient and the festival organizers. These provisions will then be the subject of a formal, written agreement.


Prix Ars Electronica 2011
Submission Start: Mid Dezember 2010
Submission Deadline: March, 18 2011 (date of the postmark is determinative)

Online Submission
Go to Online Submission.
To participate in the Prix Ars Electronica, you must register online and submit all mandatory information online. (see entry regulations) A submission is complete and formally entered in the competition only if all information has been entered online and the submission has been finalized online.

Nominate your project!
Works can be nominated online for prize consideration in the individual competition categories until March 18, 2011.
Nominate your project here.
Nominations are recommendations; thus, nominated projects are not automatically entered in the competition. The nominated artists will be contacted by the organizer before the jury convenes. Then, projects must be formally submitted by the artists themselves prior to the entry deadline and in accordance with all competition criteria in order to be entered in the competition.


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