December Meetup with Talk on Practical Aquaculture

Join us for an evening of exciting talks, brainstorming and socializing with some of the most interesting people in the seasteading movement. This time we continue with practical topics, and Mike Doty will present a talk on Aquaculture for Seasteads. He will cover the possibilities for the industry in general, and look specifically at salmon as a species to be farmed (sales, feed conversion, growth rate, etc).

Mike is a long-time aquaculture enthusiast and recently won the grand prize in The Seasteading Institute’s “Sink or Swim” Business Plan Contest, presenting “Delishus Fishes”–contaminant-free deep water seafood production project.

6pm – Networking, socializing (you can order food/drinks)
7:30pm – Introductions
7:45pm – News/updates from the Seasteading movement
8pm – Presentation on Aquaculture for a Seastead
8:30pm – Q&A/open discussion
9pm – Wrap-up and informal networking

Location and Date
Let’s get together at the Fiddler’s Green Irish Pub and Restaurant, on Tuesday, December 20th. The pub is centrally located and within walking distance of the Millbrae BART/Caltrain stations in Millbrae. The back room has been reserved for us to chat, eat and drink.

We all look forward to another great and productive meetup! Seasteading provides a great opportunity to try new concepts, innovate and create new ideas, business models, even societies in a free and unobstructed environment. Please join us (and bring a friend!) at a feast of imagination, ideas and enthusiasm with a community of thinkers, visionaries, tinkerers and like-minded individuals.

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2 thoughts on “December Meetup with Talk on Practical Aquaculture”

  1. Sorry I could not make it. I have qualifications in the field but I have no money, I’m in Australia and have a hospital appontment pending. I look forward to a report. Aquaculture is one of the major income sources for any sea based community. Sea steading is also integral to open ocean aquiculture because upwelling pumps, etc require maintinans and security to stop pirate fishermen taking your ‘crop’.


    For everyone’s information I was involved with the original Oceania Project in a small way. I’m also in several space organisations. And I have a Degree in sustainable Development, sustainable agriculture and renewable energy,water and sewerage.

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