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Previous contests

Sink or Swim Contest

There are vast profit opportunities for businesses located on the ocean. To encourage would-be entrepreneurs to explore how best to take advantage of the unique regulatory and physical advantages of oceanic real estate, we launched the Sink or Swim business plan contest. Entrants assumed their businesses would exist as one of many businesses aboard a platform 25 miles off the coast of a large first-world city, such as Miami or Shanghai.

Ranging from aquaculture to outsourcing, from virtual jurisdictions to an orphanage for the gifted, our winners show the wide range of possible seasteading businesses from over 40 original contestants. Deciding on five winners from this group was not an easy choice, given the outstanding quality of the entries. Many thanks to everyone who participated, and to the contest co-sponsors HumanIPO and Premium Advice.

See the winning entries here.

Seastead Design Contest

May 1st, 2009 was the close of our first 3-D design competition. We had a great level of participation, with 41 entries being submitted.  More importantly, the quality of the entries was generally very impressive and the competition was very close, as several of the winners won by the smallest margin possible. Participants succeeded indeed in capturing the pioneering spirit of seasteading and expressing a vibrant, lively feeling through beautiful architecture!

We look forward to using these amazing designs in upcoming promotional materials to convey to people the exciting potential of this new way of life. Some media, such as National Geographic, have already picked up the story!

Design Contest

See the winning entries here.

Overall winner: The Swimming City — András Gyõrfi