Charter the Seasteader I, 230 foot seaworthy ship

The Institute has acquired The Seasteader I, a seaworthy, 230-foot ship from a generous donor. We are actively pursuing preliminary proposals to charter the ship. As a non-profit, we are able to offer this vessel at substantially below market rates to a group whose use will advance our mission of establishing permanent human habitation on the oceans.  We are offering a “bareboat” charter, in which the charterer takes on all costs associated with the ship, such as crew, insurance, registration etc.


The Seasteader I was built in 1985 and is rated to carry 900 people on four decks. Earlier this year she was appraised at $10 million dollars. Docked on the East Coast of Florida, she was originally a passenger ferry, and more recently a gambling ship. Her solid structure and spacious interior present endless opportunities for seasteading entrepreneurs looking for a malleable space for their ocean startup.


More information about charting The Seasteader I can be found here.


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  1. Adrian, While the youtube video is unavailable, I believe you are referring to spiral island. I have been a member of since before the site and I can tell you that this topic has been discussed countless times. That guy is a true visionary, and may as well be the first true modern “seasteader”.

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