Sustainable Community Summit

[From the desk of Joe Quirk] I want to give you a free pass to an on-line event that offers a sneak preview of the seasteading book – and could also help us earn some funds. I was first captivated by seasteading for its potential to unleash political startups on a mass scale, but when I met the entrepreneurs who plan […]

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Agriculture Businessman Wants Aquaculture Revolution

Aquaculture is the future of food, and agriculture can make it happen.The Seasteading Institute has long maintained that the scientists researching the sustainability and profitably of seaweed need to work with an agriculture businessman connected to the commercial resources than can make it happen. John Guido is our man. John has spent the last 20 […]

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Beyond the Bureaucracies: Catalina Sea Ranch

Phil Cruver, CEO of Catalina Sea Ranch, plans to establish the first-ever offshore mussel farm in U.S. federal waters beyond the jurisdiction of many California regulators by October. The Orange County Register reports: “Investors and government officials see Sea Ranch as a must-succeed venture. Otherwise, U.S. aquaculture may never catch up with the rest of the world.” […]

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National Geographic: Can the “Blue Revolution” Solve the World’s Food Puzzle?

National Geographic featured a marvelous photo-essay about sea farming, announcing, “Aquaculture has expanded about 14-fold since 1980 … exceeding beef production clearly for the first time.” “We call kelp the virtuous vegetable,” says Paul Dobbins of Ocean Approved, “because we are able to create a nutritious food product with no arable land, no fresh water, no […]

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German TV show Titel, Thesen, Temperamente announces Seasteaders as “Totalitarian.”

Audrey Stimson, Producer at ARD German Television, emailed us 10 times while requesting an interview, promising, “Millions of viewers will be watching.” We hosted her camera crew at Thiel Capital, where they interviewed Randolph Hencken and myself on camera for about 15 minutes each. They asked us for high-res footage.  We sent them 8 Great […]

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