BBC Launches “Newtopias”: Seasteading Most-Watched Video Short!

Does humanity's future lie out at sea?

This 3-minute seasteading video, which sums up technologies described by aquapreneurs in the book, is still the most-viewed on BBC’s “Newtopias”. Please share this with friends and colleagues. Does humanity’s future lie out at sea? The second-most watched is “What Would Life Be Like Without a State?” This is the state-subsidized BBC funded primarily by a television […]

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Blue Frontiers: An Independent For-Profit Seasteading Venture

  Please be sure not to confuse the roles of The Seasteading Institute and Blue Frontiers. Blue Frontiers is an independent company, distinct from The Seasteading Institute. The Seasteading Institute is a small nonprofit promoting the idea of seasteading around the globe. Blue Frontiers is a startup company that will build the first seastead in […]

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Short Video Answers to Tough Questions: Series Begins!

If you support seasteading, you often get interrogated. What about pirates? How about tsunamis? What’s to stop empires from invading? Aren’t seasteads only for rich people? Really puts a damper on the dinner parties. It’s time to create short answers to all these questions that can be easily shared. Here’s how seasteaders answered pointed questions at […]

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Pacific Islanders Lead Seasteading

Lelei LeLaulu is a development entrepreneur from Samoa who specializes in the Pacific Islands and advises the International Finance Corporation on sustainable business. He is a graduate of Harvard Business School. He spoke eloquently at the First Tahitian Seasteading Gathering here.

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“THE SEASTEADERS” video series (Part 3)

Here’s Part Three of our new video series telling the story of our partnership with Polynesians.  Consider that Polynesians have been choosing among islands and founding new societies for more than a thousand years.  For a seasteader, meeting these extraordinary people feels like coming home. This extraordinary story would never have occurred without the sustaining support of […]

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“THE SEASTEADERS” video series, Part 2

Here’s Part Two of our new video series telling the story of our partnership with Polynesians. I co-created it with Pascal Erhel Hatuuku from the Marquesas archipelago in French Polynesia. Pascal was also emcee of the First International Tahitian Seasteading Gathering, and he’s the first person you see in this video, declaring that Polynesians are the first […]

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“THE SEASTEADERS” video series, Part 1

Creating this new video series with my friend Pascal Erhel Hatuuku from the Marquesas Islands was a powerful experience for us. As we watched the astonishing footage from the First Tahitian Seasteading Gathering, we were emotionally transported back to the moment where our cultures connected and began to learn from each other. Seasteading is much […]

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Seasteading Press: Left, Right, Green, Feminist and Free

  2017 has proved to be the turning point for seasteading. The book and our efforts in French Polynesia have been featured across the political spectrum in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, CNN, The New Republic, ABC, BBC, Reuters, KQED, EcoWatch, FEE, Guernica and a long list of other major new sources. The world’s first seastead should open in 2020 instead of […]

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