Seasteading Press: Left, Right, Green, Feminist and Free

  2017 has proved to be the turning point for seasteading. The book and our efforts in French Polynesia have been featured across the political spectrum in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, CNN, The New Republic, ABC, BBC, Reuters, KQED, EcoWatch, FEE, Guernica and a long list of other major new sources. The world’s first seastead should open in 2020 instead of […]

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Pitch: Sustainable Floating Free Zones in Dubai

What’s the greatest business opportunity in the world? What’s more valuable than oil? How can spectacular economic growth be sustained? Leaders in Dubai sponsored my trip to answer these questions.   Dr. Mohammed Al Zarooni, Director General of Dubai Airport Free Zone Authority (DAFZA) and Vice President and CEO of Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO), asked Dark […]

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Podcast: Seasteading = Better Than Sustainable

My controversial interview with the Sustainable Communities Summit is now free.   Host Alan James allowed me to talk at length about the entrepreneurs who plan to show the world how to think beyond sustainability – and beyond politics itself. I succeeded in blowing Alan’s mind. You’ll notice several times when I stop talking, he catches his breath for a moment, […]

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Sustainable Community Summit

[From the desk of Joe Quirk] I want to give you a free pass to an on-line event that offers a sneak preview of the seasteading book – and could also help us earn some funds. I was first captivated by seasteading for its potential to unleash political startups on a mass scale, but when I met the entrepreneurs who plan […]

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Agriculture Businessman Wants Aquaculture Revolution

Aquaculture is the future of food, and agriculture can make it happen.The Seasteading Institute has long maintained that the scientists researching the sustainability and profitably of seaweed need to work with an agriculture businessman connected to the commercial resources than can make it happen. John Guido is our man. John has spent the last 20 […]

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Beyond the Bureaucracies: Catalina Sea Ranch

Phil Cruver, CEO of Catalina Sea Ranch, plans to establish the first-ever offshore mussel farm in U.S. federal waters beyond the jurisdiction of many California regulators by October. The Orange County Register reports: “Investors and government officials see Sea Ranch as a must-succeed venture. Otherwise, U.S. aquaculture may never catch up with the rest of the world.” […]

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