Biodiverse habitats with ArcX

ArcologyX, and its broadly experienced membership, is dedicated to constructing architectural ecologies that function as biodiverse habitats to house people on land, sea, and eventually, space. Each team member of this collective corporation brings practical and functional solutions to housing humans and the habitats that sustain them. For this Seasteading Social, ArcX’s members will be giving a brief introduction into their roles with ArcologyX, highlighting technologies including

  • machine learning
  • novel construction techniques
  • wetland bioreactors, and
  • the science that supports all in unity.

For its seasteading focus, ArcX offers its services and expertise to design cheaper, longer lasting, and better integrated habitats for rising waters.

This event will be recorded and published on our YouTube and Odysee channels.


Colin Lennox

Colin Lennox, CEO of Settling Seas, a subsidiary of EcoIslands LLC, has devloped wetlands-in-a-box called Self-Organizing Wetland Bioreactors (SOWBs). They function as the ecological hub for seasteads of any size. They up-cycle human, food, and crop waste in saline and/or sweetwater wetland reactors, capturing precious iron, manganese, nitrogen, and methane for aquaponics, energy, and other in-situ resource utilization (ISRU).

Stuart Nelson

Stuart Nelson, a founder of ArcologyX based in Livingston, Montana, has an extensive background in electronics, dating back to his early work in Silicon Valley during the 1980s. With a career spanning over three decades in the Semiconductor Test Equipment industry, Nelson has been instrumental in developing highly complex systems that integrate mechanical components with precision electronics, all under software control.

His diverse set of skills includes troubleshooting complex system-level issues, designing precision DC electronics boards, and developing software in C++. Nelson also excelled in project and people management, where he notably established and led a Systems Engineering group. This group played a crucial role in identifying and resolving long-standing robustness issues in their products.

Currently, Nelson is channeling his expertise into the design of buildings that are not only cost-effective and straightforward to manufacture and assemble but also comfortable to inhabit. These innovative building designs serve as a foundational step towards realizing full arcologies, furthering his vision of facilitating life as a multi-planetary species.

Frank L’Italien

Leveraging outstanding CAD and metal/plastic manufacturing skills, Frank L’Italien is the chief designer of Pure Nature Agro Solutions, developing AI-driven farming embodiments meant to eliminate soil compaction.

With over 10 years of technical experience with FDM 3D printers, he also invented a scalable, modular, high density agriculture system making use of GrowMars’s self amplifying carbon loop for PLA synthesis, as well as grassroots tools for combating desertification.

In his free time he likes to explore the interface between culture and technology, empowering 3D printer owners across the globe so humanity can reach it’s full potential as stewards of the biosphere.

Mikayla McCord

Mikayla McCord is a recent graduate from Johns Hopkins University where she received her master’s degree in Biotechnology. She also received her undergraduate degree from University of South Carolina in Biological Sciences with a minor in Women and Gender Studies.

Within ArcX, she is involved in the academic and research branch of the group. She is passionate about science communication and bridging the gap between scientists and the general public, and she hopes to work in either the regulatory affairs or clinical research field in the future.

Briar Fisk

Briar is the founder of Grandma’s GoodTech and TerraSpace Sovereignty. As the machine learning specialist for ArcologyX, Briar is writing the software called the Gaia OS (operating system). This open source database is trained on the advanced bioreactor systems provided by co-worker and subject matter expert, Colin Lennox. Gaia’s purpose is to be the AI for a self sustaining ecology housed in an arcology or seastead.