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Call it an experiment in governance, call it a way to live under a new set of rules of your own creation, maybe even a way to start your life over. You may one day be setting up your own sovereign nation.

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Website Migration Update – Tuesday, 24-January

The website is very close to being finalized. We have our fingers crossed that the new verion and the new forums will be live in the next few days. We are waiting on the development contractors to work out some final kinks and then perform the final migration.

We apologize that the forums have been down for the extended period, and we hope the wait for the new forums will be worthwhile for active and new users alike.

~Randy Hencken, Senior Director, The Seasteading Institute

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Sludgesteading: Robotic Algae Farming on the High Seas

We frequently receive interesting suggestions for promising economic opportunities on the ocean, but we rarely come across an idea as novel as BEAR Oceanics’ floating robotic algae farms, which are capable of converting sludgy algae biomass into diesel biofuel. With $1,200 in materials and 140 hours of labor, the company claims it can create a robot […]

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Are Seasteads the Future of Scientific Research?

Nikki Olson recently wrote an intriguing post at the Institute for Ethics & Emerging Technologies blog on the opportunities for medical research and experimentation aboard seasteads. Our ears perk up every time we hear the word “experiment,” and we’re always on the lookout for business models that are compatible with seasteading, so we found Olson’s post […]

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