Ambassadors / French Polynesia

Pascal Erhel Hatuuku

Pascal is of Marquisian descent, but spent his childhood in France and came back to Tahiti over 20 years ago to re-immerse himself in his native culture. He created OATEA in 2001, a consulting firm in Tourism, Environment and Art & Culture. From the creation of a cultural center to the realization of a hiking trail, from a guide-lecturer to vocational training, self-taught and touching everything, Pascal Erhel Hatuuku has been a technical advisor to French Polynesian governments on the themes that are dear to him: Culture, Tourism and Environment. He is also the Project Manager for the Marquesas Unesco project, as well as secretary-general of the Motu Haka cultural federation since 1999 and is an active member of Polynesian associations and NGOs with a heritage character (culture-nature). Pascal was the driving force behind the innovative “Marine Educational Protected Areas”, which started in the Marquesas but are now being exported throughout the world.